Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes

What does improvising mean and what decisions are involved in instant composition? What potentialities emerge during the collective composition?

By practicing these tools presented as simple games and group exercises, in pairs or individually, we will put into practice key concepts such as: spatial awareness, musicality, stage rhythm, group composition, peripheral gaze and scenic state. The knowledge given by the practice itself allows us to be aware of the decision-making process during improvisation and of our responsibility on stage as artists.

This laboratory will end with the composition and presentation of an improvised piece by the participants open to the public. The general design of this piece is carried out by the artistic team of SLMFV. The objective of this presentation is that all participants have the opportunity to put into practice what they have studied through the laboratory in a concrete scenic space.

Description of the workshop

If Los Martes Fueran Viernes (SLMFV) is a collective of improvisation and instant composition.

The project was born in October 2018 in the city of Barcelona, ​​from the need to generate space and community around the study and practice of improvisation as a professional discipline within the performing arts, mainly in the dance sector.

SLMFV is a producer of traveling scenes. We collaborate with different cultural organizations and scenic spaces in the city of Barcelona. Each chapter, volume or special edition produced by SLMFV is specially designed for the space that hosts it. The artistic team of the house previously worked in the design of the sound and lighting space, but also the costumes, the scenography and the dramaturgy which will guide the invited improvisers. During the pre-production period, the improvising team is selected. The profile of improvisers is defined according to the proposal of the chapter. The group is formed each time in an unprecedented way: the guest artists have not worked together before and some do not know each other until the hours preceding the performance. No previous rehearsals: it's an improvisation. SLMFV works in identification, materialization and collective and instantaneous composition.

Today, more than 80 artists from the national and international scene have lived in this house.

SLMFV currently offers a monthly cycle, called "Los Cortos Viernes", in collaboration with Pla Roig, Barcelona. At the same time, it develops its educational proposal in the form of stage improvisation workshops and laboratories in different training spaces. SLMFV is formed by Valentina Azzati, Milagros García, Eugenia Cao, Clémentine Télesfort and Sofía García Miramón.