Donut Girl


The PinkHouse Festival is pleased to introduce you to its podcasts In Conversation with ...
Each month, we will release a new episode in conversation with an artist, a thinker, an activist, or a person with whom we simply wanted to take the time to exchange.
Take the time to listen to our selection and immerse yourself in these conversations, the time of a trip, a walk in nature, in the shower, or while cooking yourself dinner!

Do not hesitate to write to us and let us know your desires for subjects or people that you would like us to invite for our next sessions. Moreover, we would like to acknowledge that the quality of the sound recording is not professional, and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused. We are working to improve the quality of our equipment, and this among others, thanks to the donations collected through our fundraising. . If you want to give us a helping hand, it's over here!