In 2018, a group of friends came together to create an event around the history and cultural heritage of the pink house, their collaboration culminating in the first edition of the festival on September 20, 21 and 22, 2019. .

This first edition took place over 3 days organized around the house, with shows, exhibitions, concerts, a craft market, conferences and workshops for all.

The opening day welcomed 80 schoolchildren from the village school group with workshops, shows and a play area dedicated to children. On the last day, a large table was set up in the main street of the village and all the inhabitants invited to share a meal together to close the festival.

A five-day professional dance workshop also took place the week before the festival with two guest teachers, Sara Sguotti (Italy) and Rob Hayden (USA / Belgium).

Avec la participation de

Boris L’oos (BE), Chloe Santinacci (FR) , Sofia Casprini (IT) 
Follow Through Collective (UK) - Greta Gauhe (GE) & Natalie Sloth Richter (DE) 

Cie. Fernweh (FR)- Loulou Carré & Jane Fournier, Domiziano Maselli (IT)

Take Up Space - Blanche Jardin (FR) & Maud Zimmerli (SZ) & Lauren Mckillop (UK)

Noe Pellencin (FR) , Louis Nam Le Van Ho (FR)

 Yaguarete Illusion (FR) - Lucia Gervasoni

Matter of Fact (UK) - Erin Pollitt (UK) & Fanny Pouillot (FR)  & Daisy Belle Howell (UK)

Ruby Portus Dance (UK) - Áine Reynolds (UK) & Sara Augieras (FR), 

Alice Lambert (FR) , KHS One (UK) - Josh Scott & David Layne

Charbel Henri Charbel (FR), Bittersuite (UK) - Stephanie Singer & Anna Pearce

James Olivo (UK), Rebecca Journo (FR), Paula Serrano (ES) & Ines Calero (ES) &

 Paula Gonzalez (ES), Palmyre Serey (FR)
Cabatz (FR) -Louis Prado
 & Sylvain Rabourdin & Maxime Rouairoux & Thomas Zielinski, DJ Senuryev (FR)
 Claxxx (FR) - Claudio Miotti (IT) & Jean-Baptiste Pinet (FR) & Mateo Pastorini (IT)





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