Presentation of the project


We are a collective of young artists united around a common initiative: making culture in rural areas more visible and accessible.

It was back in September 2019 that the MicroMacro Association was born for the creation of its first project: The PinkHouse Festival. It was a three-day self-funded and self-managed event to raise awareness about the closure of a cultural venue in the village of Abbeville-Saint-Lucien, in Haut de France. Seeking to represent various artistic languages ​​of performing arts by creating a diverse program, we nonetheless placed the emphasis on movement and contemporary dance. This first edition brought together more than thirty local and international artists.

As emerging artists, we see a growing concentration of cultural and artistic events in big cities, a concentration that we face every day in our profession. Indeed, it becomes more and more difficult for young artists or small companies to find places and times of diffusion in these saturated spaces. Investing in rural areas with times for encounter such as our festival offers appears to us not only as an alternative but also as a commitment towards artists and the inhabitants of those areas.


The PinkHouse Festival project in a nutshell:

  • Propose an event whose foundation is to reinvest rural areas with artistic and cultural proposals

  • Commit to defend ecology through a handmade and eco-responsible festival

  • Commit to bringing equality and inclusion in our festival's program

  • Create an interactive and participatory mediation between the artist, the place in which she/he/they perform, and the public.

  • Promote culture through education and play



The 2021 edition

The global sanitary health context we are going through has only reinforced further our desire to develop our project. And this, in the light of the precarious situation in which live performance, the cultural sector, and human exchange find themselves today. However, the restrictions we are facing have encouraged us to think about this event differently and adapt the format of our festival.

This year, the emphasis will be placed on the professional summer camp, which will accommodate a small group of participants for two weeks, depending on the restrictions in place. The festival’s program will be “inserted” over these two weeks between the 21st and the 30th of June. This sparse format will allow us to accommodate smaller audience groups over several nights and thus comply with all the required sanitary measures. We also project to broadcast the integrity of the program, online on our website.

The origin of the project

The PinkHouse Festival, the start of a relay

Off to Abbeville-Saint-Lucien, a small village of 490 inhabitants, in the department of l’Oise, in the Hauts-de-France region.

The Pink House is an 18th-century mansion embedded in history. For thirty years, the house has been a place dedicated to dance education and artistic development, led by the CCMD Association (Centre Chorégraphique Mouvement et Danse) under the leadership of Marie Devillers, Cécile Montet and Jean-Luc Telesfort.

The first edition of the Festival was created around the cultural heritage of the house by investing its interior and exterior spaces.

→ Visit our website to find out more about the 2019 program and the history of the house!

For the 2021 edition, we have chosen to focus in the first place, on the professional aspect in the form of a 10-day summer camp. Indeed, we wanted to offer artists a space to meet and gather again after long months without activity, to work and think together about the artistic and cultural challenges of tomorrow.

During this Camp participants will have access to:

- Contemporary dance lessons led by international teachers.

- An artist's forum to debate and discuss the issues and challenges of artistic and cultural practices.

- A time of creation and the opportunity to present their work during a “carte blanche” night open to the public.

Our aim is to create a meeting space that allows the participants to join in a spirit of transmission, sharing, and care.

The program of the 2nd edition of the festival will take place in the form of small events and will be distributed between the weekend of June 26 and 27 as well as some evenings of the week. The public will be able to enjoy performances, concerts, and exhibitions as well as a local artisan market.


"Can art ever change the world? We illusionist artists have neither political power nor the power of money, but the power of speech: standing on a sidewalk, in a theater, at the right end of a brush, or holding a feather, we have to say the world. And probably saying it is not enough. It must be changed. A day will undoubtedly come when our words will be heard. "
The triumph of the acrobat, Stéphane Geroris


What will the money collected be dedicated to?


To achieve making this second edition reality and successfully complete the multiple phases of its organisation, we need your participation!

Your contribution will be devoted to financing the following points of our project:

- Ensure the acquiring of high-quality technical equipment (cameras, microphones, etc..) for the recording and online streaming of the festival on our website.

- Fund a general scholarship, and allow a reduction in the cost of participation fees for the professional camp, in order to make it accessible to as many artists as possible, regardless of their economic situation. 

- Continue to offer different sources of artistic activities through the creation of an online platform. Not only will it include courses, podcasts and discussions around art but also a listing of our associated artists. We will create as well a space of “Inspiration” where we will share projects and news that inspire us, filled with hope and creative ideas!  

- Welcome guest artists in the best possible conditions and ensure them a fair remuneration.

- Communicate and engage. Communication is a key point in order to reach a larger number of people. In order to do this, we need to put in place a real strategy for bringing new audiences, which requires significant financial and human investment.

Before this crowdfunding, we were able to collect 300€ by offering during the confinement months of November and December 2020, several online classes suitable for all types of public, adults, children, and professionals, which were a real success! This amount will be added directly to the rest of our crowdfunding. We have also appealed to various public institutions and are awaiting returns on grant applications for this summer. Indeed, during the first pilot edition, we were not able to offer the artists a fee for their performance but only to cover their travel, accommodation, and meals. This year, it is essential for us to commit further so that the artists can receive a fair salary for their performance.


Other ways to support us and presentation of the team

To make a donation, you can also send a check payable to the "Association MicroMacro" at the following address: 45 rue crignon Fleury 60380 Songeons

However, donating isn't the only way you can help us! You can also:

- Share this campaign with those around you, in your personal or professional circles.

- Become a sponsor of our festival with your structure, project, or company, contact us at thepinkhousefest@gmail.com to talk about it!

- Join our association by becoming a member here and get benefits and discounts on our activities.

- Join our monthly newsletter, to stay informed and hear our news before everyone.

- Stay connected by writing to us and sharing with us your desires and ideas either on our social networks or by email. Because it is the relationship we cultivate with you that will feed and inspire our actions in the future!

Our team 

Finally, here is a short presentation of the team:

The administrative team

Jean-Baptiste Bochent - President of the MicroMacro Association

Andrea Ancelin - Treasurer of the MicroMacro Association

Juliette Boucher - Administrator of the MicroMacro Association


The organising team
Eleonore Pinet-Bodin (FR): Founding member of the festival, she is a dancer graduated from the CNSMD in Lyon. She works mainly in Europe and Asia with different companies and choreographers. She regularly works in India as a dancer and teacher for the “Moksha” festival as well as for “Integrated dance space”. In addition to her career as an interpreter, Eléonore choreographs her own projects. She also receives theatrical and musical instruction, two practices that she uses as tools in her dance.

Iris Borras Anglada (ES): Founding member of the festival, she started training in dance in Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and after she joined the Postgradute Company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. Since graduating, she has worked as a performer with companies such as: Thomas Noone, Roser López Espinosa, Richard Chappell Dance and Kor’sia Dance. Her artistic development includes other disciplines such as drawing and she is deeply interested in creativity in all its forms. Among other things, she participates in the direction of movement on different projects and collaborates regularly with the costume designer Ana Solà Garcia. She now invests in the development of her own choreographic and artistic language.

Morgane Michel (FR): New arrival and member in the organization of the festival, she began classical dance in Nantes in the dance-studies section of La Perverie, then studied at the CNSMD in Paris, in contemporary dance, between 2007 and 2012. Major(Promotion major, ) in her class, she was then hired at Noord Nederland Dans, in the Netherlands, with Stephen Shropshire. She continued her career with the Company Project Sally based in Maastricht until 2016, since then she has worked as a "Freelance" between France and the Netherlands.

Clémentine Télesfort (FR): Founding member of the festival
Professional dancer at the initiative of the project, she trained at the CCMD of the PinkHouse until she was 18 in contemporary dance, then entered the prestigious TrinityLaban Conservatory of Music and Dance in London, from where she graduated in 2015 with honors. The following year, she received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” for her promotion to Postgradute Company from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds. Since then, she has had the chance to represent herself and teach at various institutions and festivals in Europe and Asia.


Thanks for reading us this far!

We hope to have made you eager to join us this summer and support us in any way you may can.
It might be obvious, but seems important for us to underline it, each 1€ given counts and there is no such thing as too small donation!


Finally, do not hesitate to contact us by email for any information or to stay in touch!

See you this summer!

The PinkHouse Festival team


Disclaimer !

In the event of the festival being forced to be postponed or canceled due to governmental restrictions, the funds collected will be withheld in the Association Micromacro’s account to be used for the next festival or activities of the association in the future.