Breakdancer and physiotherapist (Master at ISEK 2018), Jules Rozenwajn offers a self-therapeutic workshop where learning is done through pain management and discovery of treatment myo-fascial: Trigger points, fasciatherapy, deep self-massage and Jones techniques.


Its objective is to allow dancers and movement practitioners to discover simple principles of physiotherapy but also to develop anatomical knowledge of muscles and fasciae. This workshop is based on different principles studied during his thesis ("Immediate effects of myofascial auto-therapy on young athletes") and its various training courses such as: Myo-aponeurotic picking, fascia therapy, acupressure, and manual therapy.

“Through my intensive practice, I had to learn to heal myself and find solutions to the lack of information that I had on hand… The many injuries of my practice led me to study physiotherapy to understand my body and its complexity. Today, I want to share my knowledge and develop an accessible, conscious and easy therapy

to use regardless of the discipline! "


3 hours


Theoretical approach: Projection of the different concepts approached such as musculofascial anatomy,

the effects of self-massage, muscle chains, ...

Introduction to self-palpation: Learn to recognize the superficial components of the human body (ligament, muscle, fascia)

Practice of self-massage techniques: various superficial and deep techniques like SMR therapy, trigger points, Jones techniques, ...

In motion: Applications of different concepts on movement and on injuries.

Description of the workshop

Known as "Seizart", Jules is a hybrid artist and dancer from Belgian hip-hop culture. He started Breakdancing at the age of 14 and since then has developed his style around various disciplines: Capoeira, Floorwork, Hip-hop, Contemporary Dance and even Graffiti. A physiotherapy graduate since 2018, he teaches dance and movement through conscious self-massage classes and workshops. Today, he also uses graffiti in a dance solo called “Layers *” produced by Cie No Way Back - Milan Emmanuel and performs in various contemporary creations with Cie Abis - Julien Carlier.

“Through street art, I became a curious being: I learned alone, by observing my colleagues, the Hip-hop universe that surrounded me allowed me to open up to the world of art and to develop my universe, my style, my vision of art and understanding.

"Whether through dance or writing on the wall, Jules has always used the self-taught character, learning is for him an art form specific to Hip-Hop culture but that he was able to transpose in his studies of physiotherapy."