Organic Structural Movement is inspired by various techniques of dance, yoga, somatic awareness, breathing exercises and meditation, this approach to movement, through sensations and the use of intentions, is suitable for anyone with an interest for the work of movement and the development of body awareness.
By supporting and strengthening the joints, this method allows the body to integrate stability and adaptability to build a healthy and optimal physical structure.

Description of the workshop

"Born in England, I joined the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds (NSCD) in 2002.
I joined the company DV8 Physical Theater then I decided to continue my career as an freelancer in France in 2014. Having been a performer for many companies including Catherine Diverres, Dance Theater Ireland, Ambra Senatore and Christian Rizzo, my artistic trajectory brings together more than 15 years of professional experience. Curious and constantly inspired by various forms of physicality: climbing, highline / slackline, surfing, meditation, yoga (Dynamic Yoga, Shadow Yoga). My self-exploration also includes deep shamanic medicines. Having taught both dance and yoga with great pleasure throughout my career, I believe I have acquired a profound knowledge of relation to the body that I would like to share with others while offering a playful approach to Organic Structural Movement. "